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Jack Halliday is a published author
& award-winning screenwriter,
with over thirty-five years of experience
in radio, television and print media;
including, but not limited to:


These three have been published as "Thrillogy Number Ten" by Wildside Press in 2018:

  •  "The Woman In The Elevator" -- A P.I. gets trouble as his "thank you" for accompanying a woman to her car in a parking garage.
  •  "In the Blood" -- A P.I. resorts to supernatural means to solve a case where the suspect in three murders is an older man bedfast in a hospital, despite the man's DNA & fingerprints being found at three crime scenes.
  •  "Finding Phyllis" -- A P.I. is hired by an elderly divorcee to find her missing daughter, who turns out to also be the detective's girlfriend. (Semi-finalist, 2017 "Cinematic Short Story" contest).


Contest wins:

  • 24th International Film Festival -- First Place Award (short script, family category) 2019 Rahab and the Ribbon of Redemption
  •  Quarter-finalist (television script) 2019 New York International Screenplay Awards - Rahab and the Ribbon of Redemption
  • 24th International Film Festival, First Place Short Script Suspense category, 2019 - The Burning Man
  • 24th International Film Festival, Second Place in Feature Script Drama category, 2019 - The Drowning Man
  •, 23nd Annual Film Festival Contest -- 3rd place, 2018, Action category -- Kawanga
  •, 23nd Annual Film Festival Contest -- 3rd place, 2018, Suspense category -- the short script Moonlight and Roses
  •, 22nd Annual Film Festival Contest -- 1st place, 2017, Crime-Drama category -- The Queen City Murders
  •, 21st Annual Film Festival Contest -- 4th place, 2016, Horror category -- Tomorrow is Another Day (alternate title: The Closet)

Contest finalist:

bullet -- semi-finalist, 2017, Cinematic Short Story Contest -- Finding Phyllis
bullet -- quarter-finalist, 2017, Cinematic Short Story Contest -- The Burning Man
bullet -- quarter-finalist, 2016, Inaugural Short Story Contest -- Swan Song
bullet (sadly, ceased operation 2015) -- Moonlight and Roses
bullet (sadly, ceased operation 2014) -- The Green Man
bullet quarter finalist, 2018, inaugural Cinematic Book Contest, The Big Bluff
bullet quarter finalist, 2018, Cinematic Short Story Contest, In the Blood

Honorable mentions:

  • (honorable mention, 2016 Horror Hotel Screenplay Contest) The Green Man
  •   The Writer's Journal (honorable mention) -- Moonlight and Roses


bullet Novel,  The Big Bluff -- New Noir Mystery Novel, Solstice Publishing
bullet Book, 12th Mystery Double (Kawanga, and Swan Song and Other Mystery Stories) , published by Wildside Press
bullet  Short story, Moonlight and Roses, published in Issue #44 of Hardboiled Magazine
bullet  Short story, Black Sunrise, in The Detective Megapack
bullet  Short stories, Bedhead Fred's Redhead's Dead, Room 801, and Rainy Tuesday, published in The Noir Mystery Megapack



bullet  "Jack Halliday is one of the brightest new stars in mystery fiction. It's hard to imagine the field in ten years without picturing him as its vital center." -- John Gregory Betancourt, Award-Winning Author,  Publisher of Wildside Press
bullet "Jack, I'd be happy to be a part of any film you had a hand in writing." Richard Norton, Australian action star, martial artist (Mad Max: Fury Road, Jackie Chan's Mr. Nice Guy).
bullet "I enjoy your style of writing, and feel you are a gifted author." Nanda Rao, co-producer, The Vault (starring James Franco).
bullet "I have known Halliday for years, and I am a real fan of his noir fiction. He has a number of good scripts, but his Queen City Murders is a classic of the genre, and is ripe for a feature film - and possibly a TV series."  Ray Nikolaison, Producer, Reel Frog Films, LLC
bullet  "Jack, you've got carte-blanche with me: I'll issue a contract for any writing that you want to do." The late Robert Reginald, editor, Borgo Press Imprint of Wildside Press.
bullet  "Jack, thanks for letting me see Swan Song: good story and good writing, lots of good things here, just too long for the magazine. I'll get your story "Moonlight and Roses" into a future issue of Hardboiled." Gary Lovisi, editor/publisher, Hardboiled Magazine, Gryphon Books

Screenwriting Representation:

Ray Cavaleri
Cavaleri and Associates Talent & Literary Agency
3500 W. Olive Ave. #300
Burbank, CA 91505

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