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bullet THE BIG BLUFF: New, Noir Mystery Novel, Solstice Publishing --Spring 2018  Available on Amazon – quarter finalist 2018 inaugural Cinematic Book Contest

"What dark secrets lay buried in her subconscious mind?"

An American hypnotherapist, while lecturing in Australia, agrees to treat a young woman for repressed memories and becomes involved in a four-year-old unsolved murder.
bullet Kawanga, and Swan Song and Other Mystery Stories

Publisher's notes:

KAWANGA:  Kawanga, an obscure outback town west of Sydney, Australia, is the focal point of an intercontinental quest for a missing, ancient document. The search party includes: ex-martial artist Donald Brant; French femme fatale Camille; British detective Sergeant Bonnington; as well as Harley, a hardened seaman, and his motley crew of money-hungry henchmen. His Majesty’s servant, Lord Conley, into whose care the paper was entrusted, must retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. Catastrophic consequences are sure to follow otherwise, since this document would, if revealed publicly, deed present-day Sydney back to the Aborigines! This fast-paced mystery is a nonstop adventure filled with intrigue, romance, action, and heart-pounding suspense. For everyone involved, all roads lead to— Kawanga!

SWAN SONG: Screenwriter Chip Delaney just wants to cure his writer’s block with an impromptu drive to a small town a few hours from LA. But his vehicle is smashed within minutes of his arrival, and then he’s pummeled in his room atop the unusual town’s only diner. Gradually he becomes involved with Audrey, owner of the truck stop. As his relationship develops, he begins receiving strange phone calls, random rifle shots, and cryptic cell phone texts. This poignant and moving noir novella will stun you with, not one, but two satisfying twist endings that would have made Mickey Spillane proud!

OTHER MYSTERY STORIES: The stories that follow range from dark, hardboiled fare like “Moonlight and Roses” and “Washroom Talk,” to crime tales such as “Black Sunrise” and “Stalking Susan Storm,” to poignant, “slice-of-life” relationship pieces like “Number Eight” and “Coffee Shop,” and even a fantasy story. Now: sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Jack Halliday is a major new talent!

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