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(Adapted from his novella)

A retired martial artist embarks on an inter-continental search for a missing/stolen document deeding present-day Sydney, Australia, back to the Aborigines.

Giants: Return of the Rephaim!

A female American, and male Australian, detective/martial artist team up to stop a murder spree where the perpetrators are the offspring of fallen angels and earthly women.

The Queen City Murders

(1st place contest winner - 2017)

A private detective, hired to protect a female executive, becomes embroiled in an international plot involving the theft of Soviet missile codes.

The Drowning Man

(Inspired by a true story)

A man, accused of murdering two wives, is eventually brought to justice, partly through the efforts of a woman facing a psychological adversary (alcoholic husband) of her own.

Tomorrow is Another Day (aka The Closet)

(4th place contest winner)

A reporter discovers that the perpetrator of a series of murders is the "electro-bio-chemical" alter-ego of a local chiropractor in this film noir spin on the Jekyll & Hyde theme.


A female insurance agent's attempted scam places her in the middle of an international plot to poison the First Family.

The Green Man

(Contest semi-finalist, honorable mention)

The perpetrator of a series of grizzly murders turns out to be a lot more sinister than any urban legend: a fallen angel bent on birthing the Antichrist.

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