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(Based on an original screenplay by Kerry Chestnut)

The fascinating story of the life and legacy of Jacob's wife, Rachel, one of four matriarchs of Israel.


An innkeeper's resourcefulness saves herself, and her family, from destruction, through her audacious act of faith.


(Adapted from his novella; 3rd place contest winner - 2018)

A retired martial artist embarks on an inter-continental search for a missing/stolen document deeding present-day Sydney, Australia, back to the Aborigines.

Giants: Return of the Rephaim!

A female American, and male Australian, detective/martial artist team up to stop a murder spree where the perpetrators are the offspring of fallen angels and earthly women.

The Queen City Murders

(1st place contest winner - 2017)

A private detective, hired to protect a female executive, becomes embroiled in an international plot involving the theft of Soviet missile codes.

The Drowning Man

(Inspired by a true story)

A man, accused of murdering two wives, is eventually brought to justice, partly through the efforts of a woman facing a psychological adversary (alcoholic husband) of her own.

Tomorrow is Another Day (aka The Closet)

(4th place contest winner - 2016)

A reporter discovers that the perpetrator of a series of murders is the "electro-bio-chemical" alter-ego of a local chiropractor in this film noir spin on the Jekyll & Hyde theme.


A female insurance agent's attempted scam places her in the middle of an international plot to poison the First Family.

The Green Man

(Contest semi-finalist, honorable mention)

The perpetrator of a series of grizzly murders turns out to be a lot more sinister than any urban legend: a fallen angel bent on birthing the Antichrist.

Moonlight and Roses

(3rd place contest winner - 2018 - short suspense script)

A screenwriter finds more than he bargained for during a late-night stroll with an actress, in this noir, short script.

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