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bullet  Don't Bank On It (flash fiction) -- Inaugural Issue, Black Cat Mystery  Magazine, Wildside Press -- 2017
bullet  The Woman in the Elevator -- After The Pause -- September 2017
bullet  I Live Two Lives! (flash fiction) -- The Story Shack -- 18 September 2017
bullet  Remembering Leonard (digital anthology) -- Wildside Press -- 2018
bullet Moonlight and Roses - honorable mention, The Writer's Journal: A screenwriter from the Midwest finds more than he bargained for, during a long walk with a beautiful actress, in Santa Monica in the wee hours of the morning. Published in Swan Song and Other Stories --- Wildside Press --- and in Hard Boiled Magazine.
bullet  Black Sunrise: A Texas ranger finds himself left for dead at the bottom of a ravine where he muses about his investigation into the murder/robbery of a small-town physician that got him there.  Published in The Detective Megapack
bullet  Bedhead Fred's Redhead's Dead: A private detective's chance meeting with a high school chum leads him into the investigation of two seemingly unrelated homicides. Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Room 801: An elderly man visits a vacation spot that evokes memories of a youthful romance that eventually led him to murder and more in Niagara Falls, Canada.  Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Rainy Tuesday: A physician's orderly daily routine is rudely interrupted by unexpected correspondence describing his murder in advance, from the object of a homicide plan of his own.  Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Washroom Talk, Stalking Susan Storm, Number Eight, Coffee Shop, and The Typewriter -  included in the 12th Mystery Double, see Books
bullet "Black Cat Thrillogy #10", published by Wildside Press:
 "The Woman In The Elevator"
A P.I. gets trouble as his "thank you" for accompanying a woman to her car in a parking garage.
 "In the Blood"
     A P.I. resorts to supernatural means to solve a case where the suspect in three murders is an older man bedfast in a hospital, despite the man's DNA & fingerprints being found at three crime scenes. quarter finalist 2018 Cinematic Short Story Contest
"Finding Phyllis"
    A P.I. is hired by an elderly divorcee to find her missing daughter, who turns out to also be the detective's girlfriend.
(Semi-finalist, 2017 "Cinematic Short Story" contest)
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