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bullet Stranded at Saturn -- "Pulp Adventures #32" -- An astronaut muses about his missed opportunity to reach Neptune while stranded at Saturn where the memory of a murder is also introduced. -- July 2019 
bullet Don't Bank On It (flash fiction) -- Inaugural Issue, Black Cat Mystery  Magazine, Wildside Press -- 2017
bullet The Woman in the Elevator -- After The Pause -- September 2017
bullet I Live Two Lives! (flash fiction) -- The Story Shack -- 18 September 2017
bullet Remembering Leonard (digital anthology) -- Wildside Press -- 2018
bullet Moonlight and Roses - honorable mention, The Writer's Journal: A screenwriter from the Midwest finds more than he bargained for, during a long walk with a beautiful actress, in Santa Monica in the wee hours of the morning. Published in Swan Song and Other Stories --- Wildside Press --- and in Hard Boiled Magazine.
bullet Black Sunrise: A Texas ranger finds himself left for dead at the bottom of a ravine where he muses about his investigation into the murder/robbery of a small-town physician that got him there.  Published in The Detective Megapack
bullet Bedhead Fred's Redhead's Dead: A private detective's chance meeting with a high school chum leads him into the investigation of two seemingly unrelated homicides. Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Room 801: An elderly man visits a vacation spot that evokes memories of a youthful romance that eventually led him to murder and more in Niagara Falls, Canada.  Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Rainy Tuesday: A physician's orderly daily routine is rudely interrupted by unexpected correspondence describing his murder in advance, from the object of a homicide plan of his own.  Published in The Noir Mystery Megapack
bullet Washroom Talk, Stalking Susan Storm, Number Eight, Coffee Shop, and The Typewriterincluded in the 12th Mystery Double, see Books
bullet "Black Cat Thrillogy #10", published by Wildside Press:
 "The Woman In The Elevator"
A P.I. gets trouble as his "thank you" for accompanying a woman to her car in a parking garage.
 "In the Blood"
     A P.I. resorts to supernatural means to solve a case where the suspect in three murders is an older man bedfast in a hospital, despite the man's DNA & fingerprints being found at three crime scenes. quarter finalist 2018 Cinematic Short Story Contest
"Finding Phyllis"
    A P.I. is hired by an elderly divorcee to find her missing daughter, who turns out to also be the detective's girlfriend.
(Semi-finalist, 2017 "Cinematic Short Story" contest)
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